Greening electricity
Firming renewable power through 100-1000 hour energy storage at MW to GW scale power delivery Energy Learn More
Slashing Green Hydrogen
and Ammonia Costs
Operate alkaline electrolyzers and ammonia reactors at high-capacity factors with low-cost, any-gas, any-scale compression, expansion and storage technology Oil & GAS Learn More
Repurposing fossil fuel
power plants to net-zero
Capture CO2 as liquid from flue gas and operate as base-load + intermediate-load + peak-load plants with Long Duration Energy Storage FOSSIL FUEL Learn More
Data Centers
Lower cost data centers with zero-carbon power, backup power and cooling data Learn More
Desalinating water with
renewable power
Lower cost of water desalination using long duration compressed air storage for pumping and energy recovery services WATER Learn More
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Energy Internet Corporation (EIC)


Energy Internet Corporation (EIC) is an energy technology company, that delivers inexpensive long-duration energy storage solutions for power delivery at any scale.

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We are Enabling Reliable,
Cheap Renewable Energy

why us

Sub-surface Experience

Decades of sub-surface reservoir expertise to identify and evaluate storage opportunities.

Data Centers

Industry experts in Data Center power & cooling, efficiency, metrics and TCO optimisation.

Plant & Process Expertise

Experts in plant & process design and operation with decades of experience in oil & gas.

Software Defined Infrastructure

Innovators and architects in AI, IoT & Cloud management systems.

Long Duration Energy Storage

Cloud Management

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