Supplier Partnering Opportunities

Energy Internet Corporation is an innovative entrant into the renewable energy sector tackling the fundamental problem that restrains growth…intermittency. EIC is poised to begin multiple power storage and delivery projects across the globe from sub-megawatt data centers to gigawatt scale for power producers and utilities. EIC’s business model is to form deep partnerships with aggressive and committed suppliers for the fastest and widest market penetration. Come join us on our journey to tap this trillion dollar market!
EIC is seeking partners in the following areas:
  • Tube Bundle Module fabrication

    TBM is the core of EIC’s system and consists of arrays of hundreds of standard stainless pipes up to 10 meters long. EIC seeks manufacturing partners with heat exchanger or large process equipment experience to fabricate these devices. 2023 volume forecast at 50 units, 2024 at 200 units. High operating pressures make quality and reliability critical. Contact us if you have the expertise and desire to handle the big iron.

  • Compressed air storage

    EIC requires high pressure storage of air at the surface in vessels, and below surface for higher volumes, in a cost effective method. Innovative containment design partners are needed for this area that can push the envelope of what is possible. Pressures range up to 500 bar.

  • Compressed hydrogen storage

    EIC requires high pressure storage of hydrogen at the surface in stationary vessels in a cost effective method. Innovative containment design partners are needed for this area that can meet the stringent cost targets. Weight is not a factor for EIC’s stationary applications so sharpen your pencil and give us a call.

  • Pump as a turbine

    EIC is focused on storing and releasing energy. EIC’s technology requires high pressure pumping of water during our charging cycle, up to 500 bar. The same device needs to act as a water turbine to drive electricity generation as the process is reversed. The plant economics depend on devices that perform both pumping and turbine functions in one unit. Come innovate with us if you are a leader in the turbomachinery space.

  • Motor and generator

    EIC’s technology requires motors to drive hydraulic pumps and generators to convert hydraulic energy to electricity. The plant economics depend on devices that perform both driving and generating functions in one unit, with Dual Fed Induction technology to match energy flows. EIC is seeking technical leaders to develop this equipment to optimize our operation.

  • Civils, structural

    EIC’s plants are high tech arrangements of multiple assets including turbomachinery; electrical drive and generation equipment; complex piping, valving and control systems; reservoirs and containment vessels, electrolyzers and Haber Bosch ammonia reactors to mention a few. Plant footprint can be 500 to 1000 square meters per megawatt of capacity with excavation, structural and piping work. If you are an EPC, civil engineering or process plant design firm, we are looking for strong and creative partners.

  • Control systems

    are vital to the operation of EIC’s complex plants. With short process cycle times and multiple functions for each device group, EIC must have world class control system design and deployment. EIC is seeking partners that can design control systems, integrate them into our Intelligent Control software, and even remotely monitor and operate the plants. If you have expertise in process industry systems and hydrogen and ammonia in particular, we would like to talk to you.

  • Fast acting valves

    EIC’s complex arrangement and multiple duty cycles every hour require the best valves for reliable and repeatable functioning. Hundreds of valves will control the high pressure liquids and gasses flowing through EIC’s systems opening and closing every few minutes, or less. If you are committed to excellence in valve design, this is your opportunity to test your skills in one of the most demanding applications.

  • Ammonia reactors

    perform a vital part of the energy storage equation for many of EIC’s applications. With needs for reactors with capacity ranging from 1-100 tons per day, EIC is looking for partners that can leverage the existing compression capability of the EIC core system to reduce cost to the synthesis loop only. Collaborating to maximize the overall system efficiency is the key to maximizing market penetration, so contact us if you have this expertise.

  • Power generation

    Converting stored hydrogen or ammonia to electricity is central to EIC’s mission for firming renewable energy. EIC is looking for creative designs to handle direct ammonia or hydrogen feed to ultimately generate electricity. If you have ammonia-boiler, ammonia-turbine, or hydrogen combustion expertise, we welcome your call.

  • Electrolyzers and fuel cells

    are a key part of many renewable energy strategies including EIC’s plants. We are looking for innovators in this area to support the many green energy projects in our pipeline.

  • Advanced manufacturing

    low cost,high quality, local companies, will be vital to EIC’s global economic appeal. For manufacturers that have world class systems, controls and personnel, EIC has opportunities to use licensed technology to localize manufacturing around the customer bases in various countries.