Effectively managing stored alternative energy requires robust planning and process control.

Renewable energy sources are variable. In planning, it is important to take advantage of climate data, the weather patterns to drive wind speeds and solar irradiance. It is necessary to perform simulation to plan for the peaks and troughs of renewable power production throughout the course of the year.

In process control, it is imperative to use that climate data and short-term and long-term weather and market forecasts and what-if simulation to ensure sufficient energy is always stored but also procured as cost effectively as possible.

The EI Planner and Process Control CLI tool enables users to easily pull third-party climate data and build hour-by-hour models for planning and process control of plant operations.

The tool supports third-party data sources to quick obtain wind speed and solar irradiance data for any location on earth. Using Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and favorite programming languages, such as Python, analysts can quickly customize their models to support distinct energy mixes and load demands.

Hour-by-hour decisions are made to which energy to acquire, which to store, and which to generate ensuring the goals of the business are achieved.

A license key can be obtained from Energy Internet Corporation for use.

Select your operating system to download. Reach out to your Energy Internet Corporation contact for obtaining a license key.