Energy Internet Product Family

Comprises long duration energy storage systems – ranging from 100-1000 hours for power outputs from MW to GW.
They are carbon and water neutral and STILL lower cost than any available alternative.

Data Center

High Availability Power &

Hyperscale Energy Storage

Dispatchable, High Reliability, &
Quality of Service

21st Century Grid

Distributed &

Clean Water

Low Cost Water

Data Center Energy System (DCES)

Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES)

  1. Store Surplus Power for Weeks.
  2. Deliver Generator Set, UPS, Peaking & Cooling Plant Functions.
  3. ½ the Costs of Power & Cooling.
  4. 5– 10x Power Availability & Cooling Scale.
1 MW Modules, Stack &p Deploy.

Hyperscale Energy System (HSES)

GW Power, TWH Energy Scale​

  1. Store Surplus Power for Weeks
  2. Repurpose (vs Decommission) Reservoir – Saving Billions of Dollars
  3. Sell Power on Demand
  4. Manifold Increase in ROI, Margins, & Company Value
64 MW Modules, Stack & Deploy

Intelligent Grids (IG)

  1. Orchestrate Energy Flows.
  2. Buy/Produce from Distributed Sources
  3. Store Energy – Own & 3rd Party
  4. High Quality of Service, Reliability & Availability
  5. Accelerate Carbon Footprint & Cost Reduction
1 to 64 MW Modules, Stack & Deploy

Reverse Osmosis Interface (ROI)

  1. Operate Reverse Osmosis & Purification Systems at Any Scale
  2. High Pressure, High Flow Reverse Osmosis Feeds
  3. Compressed Air Energy Recovery & Pressurization
½ to ¼/P Water Desalinationurification Cost
1 to 64 MW Modules, Stack & Deploy