EIC Customer Partners

Renewable energy is cheap, but it is intermittent and unpredictable. The long-duration energy storage needed to make renewable suitable for reliable and continuous power distribution is prohibitively expensive. EIC’s Energy internet (Ei) technology of long-duration Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) stores surplus renewable energy for weeks to enable grids and consumer networks run entirely from renewable sources. Energy internet (Ei) software uses contemporary developments in AI and IoT to intelligently manage and orchestrate the operation of the CAES systems. Ei delivers continuous and high-power availability at ½ the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of power from fossil fueled grids today. Its by-products include low-cost water desalination or purification and gas liquefaction.

EICprovides the complete hardware and software solution to serve energy generators, distributors and consumers.

  • Data centers can halve their energy & cooling costs, with a Zero Carbon & Water footprint.
  • Oil and Gas companies can avoid their abandonment costs and generate over 2X+ the returns on investment, with CAES in their depleted reservoirs.
  • Utilities can pay for fossil fuel plant decommissioning and reduce their consumer costs, from the savings on generated power costs.