Hyper Scale Energy Systems (HSES)- Zero Carbon Energy

Energy Internet Corporation (EIC) is an energy technology company, that helps assure and accelerate the achievement of Sustainability and Zero Carbon goals. EIC helps Oil & Gas (O&G) companies avoid abandonment costs and double or more their returns on investment with clean energy. The EIC solution is an inexpensive, long duration (10-100 days) energy storage for GW scale power. It enables continuous, quality renewable-power supply at half the current cost. Our solution is an isothermal Compressed Air Energy Storage (iCAES) system. The design architecture of hydro-pneumatic and electric circuits is composed of low-cost, commodity equipment such as water pumps & turbines, pressure vessels, batteries and inverters. Uniquely, high-pressure water from the pumps, act as a piston in pressure vessels to compress air. The compressed air is then stored at pressures in-excess of 100 bar in sub-surface reservoirs, such as depleted O&G reservoirs, salt caverns and aquifers. To generate power, the process is reversed, with compressed air from these reservoirs acting as the piston to pressurize water in the pressure vessels, to run the turbines. EIC’s approach avoids the risks of new hardware or process development, that held back CAES initiatives in the last decade. Our approach shifts risks of development from hardware to software layer, allowing faster development times and rapid iterations.