Hyperscale Energy Storage Options

Hyper Scale Energy Storage (HSES) for long durations simply does not exist. All other technologies offer 4-24 hours of storage. EIC is the only technology provider that is focusing on large scale (1 GW, TWhrs) and long term (40 days) energy storage. As such, this competitive assessment is designed to describe what’s available today, and how EIC’s iCAES is superior.

In the absence of meaningful alternatives, technology choices are limited to addressing base load, intermediate and peaker plants with batteries, which, in turn, lead to sub-optimal solutions. This is precisely why EIC’s solution will provide a much better answer: lower delivered energy costs over a thirty-year project life, with very high availability.

Without tax subsidy, solar power is already cost competitive with Combined Cycle Power Systems using Natural gas. Coupling this with EIC’s long term energy storage provides an unbeatable proposition compared to natural gas plants, while enabling a green future with zero carbon emissions.

Relative to conventional CAES, EIC iCAES achieves near-isothermal compression using Liquid piston technology, thereby avoiding use of adiabatic, high temperature compression using centrifugal compressors. Likewise, the expansion cycle is made much simpler, again with near-isothermal operation. No heat exchangers or burning of fossil fuel is required, making iCAES truly zero carbon technology.