Data Center Energy Systems (DCES) – Zero Carbon and Water Operations

Energy Internet Corporation (EIC) is an energy technology company, that helps assure and accelerate the achievement of Sustainability and Zero Carbon goals. It helps data centers realize Zero Carbon and Zero Water-use operations, while reducing their power and cooling costs by over 50%. The EICsolution is an inexpensive, long duration (10-100days) energy storage for any scale of power. It employs an isothermal Compressed Air Energy Storage (iCAES) process, that transforms surplus electrical power to and from Compressed Air (CA). It specifically avoids the risks of new hardware or process development, that held back CAES initiatives in the last decade. This approach shifts development to a lower-risk software layer. EIC team is drawn from an exclusive pool of experienced entrepreneurs and industry veterans from domains of software, electrical, mechanical, oil&gas, and data centers.