Energy Internet Products and Services

EIC provides a complete hardware and software solution to serve different needs of its customers – Data Centers, Energy Storage Providers, and Energy Distributors. The hardware system, an Energy internet (Ei) Plant, is a highly efficient and flexible Gas Compression –Decompression (CoDec) system. Its modular, design units of 1 and 64 MW, use only commercially available hardware components. Deployment sites include Ei on site utilities, such as water reservoir, electrical and plumbing connections among the modules:

  1. Electrical:Battery-inverter systems that interface with power feeds and distribution grids. Provides transient power to smooth power flow to the Grid or EiPlant.
  2. Pump-turbine: Electrical to pressurized fluids or mechanical power conversion, and vice versa.
  3. Pressure vessel: Energy exchanger, between pressurized liquid and gas, in pressure vessels manifolded to different fluid flow-streams.
  4. Energy storage: A subsurface depleted/oil gas reservoir for CAES, and/or above surface LAES