Software Defined Machines (SDM)

Software Defined Machines (SDM) is Energy Internet Corporation’s (EIC) underlying technology that help customers harvest value from inexpensive, commodity hardware by sophisticated group-intelligent behavior.

SDM dynamically configures Hydro-Pneumatic (HP) and Electric Circuits of varying complexity. HP Circuits are standard hardware blocks that use Liquid Pump Heat Engine (LPHE) as its basic building blocks. The Electrical Circuits are also standard hardware blocks consisting of commercially available components such as batteries, rectifier/inverters and switches.

SDM enables:

  • Use of common HP segments, for different functions, such as, energy generation, energy storage, desalination, and liquefaction of gases.
  • Integration with industry standard control interfaces such as, Open Platform for Communication (OPC).
  • Use of standardized interfaces to connect with grids and third-party management systems, such as, datacenters, utility, renewable generating plants, and gas liquefaction plants.

SDM helps realize large reductions in costs and schedule, from avoidance of bespoke design, procurement and construction. Customers also benefit from an intelligent system that improves operational performance and availability through continuous improvement enabled by data analysis and machine learning across all deployed systems.